BoilingRoom is an international art collective that explores relational forms of mutual support for and with people escaping war and living in forced migration. We organise gatherings where people who are new in a country can meet locals, build connections, exchange knowledge and resources while cooking and having a meal together in an informal atmosphere. During the cooking we invite guest speakers to share their personal stories related to being from regions of war, being on the move and arriving and living in a new country.

With our content, we aim to address relevant topics of current global conflict. The live stream serves us to raise donations for independent initiatives of people in Ukraine, working on the borders and all across Europe to help those in need.

After every cooking session, we have a collective meal together with all participants. We see the cooking sessions as moment of collectivity where people who have arrived to Berlin from war regions can gather together with locals to exchange contacts and build relationships in a homely atmosphere.

Boiling Room is self-organised voluntary project that is run collectively by a group from various backgrounds and professions.

You are welcome to join the cooking session, to suggest something for the live stream programm or come by for the after cooking meal!