Boiling Room Borsch

In the last days we were preparing the basic infrastructure and resources for the collective cooking and distribution of warm meals for people escaping the war. We have already found some basic grocery donations and various spaces in Berlin that we can use for cooking. We also have found a few places where there is a need for food.

For now, our plan is to organize collective cooking sessions several times per week over the longer period of time where we prepare food with volunteers and also livestream the whole cooking process with occasional artistic interventions, poetry, interviews and music. This format will serve us to involve more people into the project and to generate resources through donations.

We would like to invite you to a kick off session on Monday 14th of March at 18:00 in the Art Space Flutgraben (Am Flutgraben 3) where we will prepare Ukranian Bortsch for 70 people. (Planning to extent it to 200 in the next days) After that we would have a collective dinner at 20:00. You are welcome to come at 18:00 to help us with the cooking or just come by for the dinner at 20:00. Please, check the form and mark the option that fits you.

The Bortsch will be delivered to a collective that hosts a safe space for people who are escaping the war at the Genezareth Kirche next morning (at Herrfurthplatz).

The idea is to come together with everyone who would like to support the BoilingRoom Project in the next weeks and to discuss how we can organize it and in what way we all can contribute best. We will also do a first tryout of the Streaming, so you can expect some live music!

As a first organizational step we would like to ask you to fill up this form that we set up to gain an overview over the availability, skills and resources of the participants.

If you have any questions, please fill free to contact us via email

We are looking forward to see you all on Monday and excited to launch Boiling Room together!

Boilingly, Bring Your Own Knife Boiling Room Team