Boiling Room Plov/Herring under a fur coat

The first season of Boiling Room is coming to an end. Today (4.04) will be the last session in that format. We want to make a bigger event and to come together with everyone who was involved in the vibrant experiment of the Boiling Room.

Although we can not continue boiling in such a frequent manner as in the last 3 weeks, we have seen the importance of the project for people who arrived in Berlin from Ukraine to meet locals and to find friendships in a homely atmosphere. Therefore tonight we also would like to discuss collectively how the Boiling Room could continue. We are thinking of forming an association and organize boiling sessions 2 times per month for the next 3 months as a start.

As for tomorrow we have a great programm of boiling music by Rahina @johannanot, a conversation with Magdo @mxgdo about their activist work. And our friends from Turkmenistan who also arrived from Kyiv suggested cooking a traditional Uzbek Plov. Additionally, we will cook a festive traditional salad called “herring under the fur coat” with homemade mayonnaise.

We really hope to see you all tomorrow to celebrate together our collective achievement and to thank everyone for the great engagement. Join the cooking/live stream session.