Boiling Room Vareniki in Brussels

Tonight 18.4. Boiling Room (present from berlin team @marumashmaru, @dimitri_van_den_wittenboer, @bacium_sub_cauda) is doing another session cooking Ukranian Vareniki in Brussels hosted by @kbkbxl (Bd d'Ypres 20, 1000 Bruxelles) / dinner 8pm. We still hope to invite more people from war regions to the session tonight, so please spread the invitation if you host someone or know someone who could be interested.

It is incredible how much generosity we are experiencing during this project. With the help of our friends based in Brussels and new people we met during this week, we are boiling! we got some delicious Belgian beers from @brasseriedelamul, a meat grinder from, chairs from @argos_arts.

Big thanks to @oamr**__**, Ant Hampton, Bruno (@kbkbxl), @ulasickle, @hrefnahorn, @naimeperrette, @jntnssn @ellen_anthoni, @bacium_sub_cauda, Sara, @maryszydlowska and many more.

Miriam and Ant will play some soft tunes for the stream: / Donation link could be found on the website.

If you are in Brussels and interested in helping out, we found a few great initiatives that work on this matter: @promoteukraine, doing cultural, informative and cooking events and setting up infrastructures e.g. merch.; @dansaert_for_ukraine - a solidarity initiative for Ukrainian refugee parents and children; @bosch_tanneurs - providing their kitchen to cook, sewing machines and toys for kids.