Boiling Room Floating University

Spring is in full blossom and we are happy to announce the next edition of Boiling Room - happening on 26 MAY!
We have the possibility to collaborate with @floatinguniversity for this edition, an outdoor culture space and learning site, located in the rainwater collection basin serving the former Tempelhof airfield. We are extremely thankful and excited for this opportunity, as the beautiful space gives a lot of possibilities to enjoy ourselves, connect, and share time together.

As always, we will have music and a spontaneous artistic program, as well as a delicious Eastern-European menu: Hladnik (pink summer cold yoghurt/smetana and young beets soup) with vegetable salad-vegetarian and vegan options. Water and beer will be provided for free, other drinks can be purchased at the bar on site!

We will announce the initiative we are donating to for this edition soon!
People can use either the PayPal link on our website: or the donation box that will be set up at Floating University.

Stream and cooking starts at 6pm, dinner will be served around 8 pm.

As always, you are invited to come prepare, cook and eat with us, share stories and connect! We will need a few volunteers to help us set up the space, cook and clean after the event.
Floating University is wheelchair accessible (please let us know in advance if you need assistance).

If you’d like to join, send us a short email and number of people you will come with to

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Much love,
The Boiling Room Team